Logo and Design

Your logo is the first thing that customers notice about your brand.

It is your company’s unique identity, an embodiment of your brand, products, mission, and values. Establishing a logo requires an understanding of what your brand truly is. Everything from choice of color, to font, to placement of graphics is based upon what your brand is, and what service your company provides.

Brand Sentrik seeks to work with your company to create a logo, or refresh an existing one, that best encompasses what you are trying to tell the world about your brand. We begin by conducting an analysis, where we pool together all existing marketing materials, brand items, and tools that we need to best understand your company.

From there, we work to incorporate design items that are the most genuine representation of your brand, including examining fonts, colors utilized, graphic items, placement of text, and other elements needed to create a logo you can be proud of.

cartoon woman standing beside LOGO