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5 Tips To Increase Traffic To Your Blog

5 Tips To Increase Traffic To Your Blog

After writing your blog posts what should you do? Just share it once and wait for results? You need ways to increase traffic to your blog. So in this blog we will outline blog promotion techniques with 5 great tips.


1. Post More Often

A great way to increase traffic to your blog is to simply post more often. If you have been posting once a month you should increase your posting frequency. One or two new posts per week will drastically drive more traffic to your blog. 


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2. Share Your Content On Social Media


To increase traffic to your blog and rank high in search results you have to be everywhere.  One of the best ways of doing that is increasing your brand awareness which is through social media.

Start by posting your articles on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Create a solid presence on social media by leaving your digital footprint.

Your fans on social media may not be ready to buy what you have to offer just now. But, unlike visitors coming from search engines, they are not looking for an immediate solution to their problem. However, they are always interested in rich content related to the topics that interest them.


Useful content will improve the visitor experience of your site. As long as you provide useful advice, users will visit your site, which will lead to increased engagement on social media.


A strong presence on social media will also increase your brand awareness. Maybe even increase the references to your website (which helps your SEO).


3. Start Building An Email List

It’s one of the greatest ways to generate organic traffic into readers. The truth is very few people visit a blog a second time unless they subscribe.

Whenever a new post is published on your blog, you should send an email to your list to let them know and provide them with a link to read.


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4. Promote Your Content To Earn Links

Even if you have good content do not expect a site to just start linking to you. If you want to improve your brand awareness then you need to promote your content so that you can “win” with your value links.

If you do not have a digital marketing or inbound marketing strategy that will help you earn links then you will have a difficult time getting a steady stream of traffic from search engines. You need to find out who your audience is and what needs and problems they want to be solved in order to deliver the right content to them. The social media strategy that you should follow should include promoting your content on a consistent basis. 

In any case, focus on creating useful content that meets your audience’s goals so that you can earn links on other sites. You can also participate with comments on other blogs that you report as a source of your related blog post.


5. Repurpose Content

Repurposing content is a great way to communicate with your audience. We all enjoy digesting content in different ways. Some prefer to learn via audio (podcasts) or video (youtube). Infographics work great because they are unique and highly visual. Sometimes a slideshare presentation is an excellent way to get your point across. Repurposing your blog in a different medium might just comminucate with a whole new audience! 



Increasing traffic to your blog takes time, patience, and effort. If you follow just a few of these steps you will soon see a dramatic increase in traffic to your blog. 


Which of these strategies are you going to use? 


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