What Makes A Good Landing Page

What Makes A Good Landing Page

What Makes A Good Landing Page

Their are many who think that marketing companies have a one size fits all approach to landing pages. Also, it’s common to question what makes a good landing page and what makes a great landing page anyways?   There are many ways to construct landing pages that convert. The one you choose will depend on what is being offered.

If you have an innovative product, your landing page might look completely different than a service. Your landing page allows your brand to shine, reinforcing all of your marketing material.

The are two types of landing pages: reference and transactional.

Reference pages provide information to the customer and a transactional page encourages customers to complete a transaction.

On a transactional page, for example, the goal is to make your visitor take a specific action by completing a transaction and collect the user’s information. Usually, it’s a form that needs to be filled out which can then be used for a mailing list.

Great landing pages seem like they flow effortlessly from ad to the user. If you click on an ad a great landing page should pop up that clearly shows a page focused on car insurance rather than the home page.




Landing Page vs. Home Page

A homepage is the first page on your website. ex. www.yourwebsite.com. It directs your visitor to other pages on your website. The traffic sources to your homepage will vary from social media, directories, organic search, etc. A great home page will also clearly display what your business is about. A great home page explains what you do and how you can help your visitor. Also, a good homepage links to important pages on your website.


A landing page is essentially a single page that usually appears in response to clicking on an ad. A landing page will either be a reference page or a transactional page but both have a clear goal in mind. Landing pages focus on getting visitors to take a specific action. They deliver very specific content for the user. There’s a specific call to action and there is little to no question what transaction should take place. Landing pages that have testimonials and trust signals are great because people trust what is already used by others. 

Designing a landing page requires a specialist. Someone who can take what you have to offer and sees your vision. It needs to be translated into a page that has a clear and concise headline with beautiful colors that presents your product or service. 






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