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5 Strategies For Your Blog

5 Strategies For Your Blog


Blogging is a great opportunity to promote your business. It brings traffic to your website and helps to turn visitors into customers. Not to mention, it also increases your authority and credibility.

In this post, we’ll outline 5 tips to increase traffic to your blog and how to optimize it for Search Engines.

1. More than Just Keywords


In recent years, Google has made great efforts to assess the overall user experience. Their goal is to perceive keywords as concepts rather than just words. Does this mean you should not optimize your text for specific keywords?

Of course not. Search engines continue to rely on keywords to judge your content, but they have become better at contextual understanding and detecting misleading content and spam.


In short, the days when businesses managed to have high positions in search results simply by placing the main keyword in the blog title over and over again throughout the text have passed.

The key is to focus on creating quality content by providing useful information for your audience. If you want to be at the top of the search engines, the best thing to do is create amazing content.

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2. Share your content on Social Media


If you want to rank high in searches then you have to be everywhere. One of the best ways of increasing brand awareness is through social media.

Start by posting your articles on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Create a solid presence on social media by leaving your digital footprints.

Your fans on social media may not be ready to buy your products just now. But, unlike visitors coming from search engines, they are not looking for an immediate solution to their problem. However, they are always interested in rich content related to the topics that interest them.


Useful content will improve the visitor experience of your site. As long as you provide useful advice, users will visit your site, which will lead to increased engagement in social media.


A strong presence on social media will also increase your brand awareness. Maybe even increase the references to your website, which helps a lot in your SEO.

3. Links: Quality or quantity?

The more links your website has on the internet the better, right? Not anymore.

Links are still a factor for search engines, but you need to be careful.

Buying links is a quick, easy, and relatively inexpensive way to get hundreds of links pointing to your site. Such a practice could, however, lead to a penalty on your site, especially if one of the following is true:

  • You are acquiring a very large number of links in a short time.
  • Links are not related to your site’s topic
  • Sites that include links to your website are of low authority.

4. Promote your content to earn links

Even if you have good content do not expect a site to just start linking to you. If you want to improve your brand awareness then you need to promote your content so that you can “win” with your value links.

If you do not have a digital marketing or inbound marketing strategy that will help you earn links then you will have a difficult time getting a steady stream of traffic from search engines. You need to find out who your audience is and what needs and problems they want to be solved in order to deliver the right content to them. 

The social media strategy that you should follow should include promoting this content on a consistent basis, while the social media you choose to take care of will depend on your audience and the type of content you have.

In any case, focus on creating useful content that meets your audience’s goals so that you can earn reports on other sites. You can also participate with comments on other blogs that you report as a source of your related blog post.

5. Optimize for Mobile

The technological trends in our society have also changed the behavior of internet use. Your customers are no longer sitting in their office behind a computer to access the internet. The use of mobile devices has dominated. Google recognizes this development and is now giving the lead to mobile-friendly websites.

Make sure all of your pages, menus, fonts, design, and posts are optimized for mobile. Also, keep in mind that your landing pages and blog topics may require different strategies for mobile devices.


6. Stay true to the original content

We have already said that the most important thing is to create useful content. In addition to being useful, the content of your website should also be authentic.



To sum up, SEO today is a long-term strategy that involves many – if not all aspects of digital marketing. The safest way you can increase your ranking in search engines is to create useful content that addresses your audience’s needs. If you promote your content on social networking platforms, you will eventually achieve a steady source of organic traffic to your website.


Which of these strategies are you going to use? 


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