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Let’s face it, sometimes you just want to get something done yourself. Whether it’s building a website or doing your own SEO. If the latter is the case then you'll need the necessary guidance to achieve your goals. Because SEO can be extremely challenging and frustrating. 

So, in this blog we'll share some tips on how to optimize your website for search engines by yourself.


It's practical for a startup or a small business to do their own SEO


Do it yourself SEO: A step by step guide

  1. Take your website ex. and enter it in SEO Optimizer
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What’s your score?

If you have an A+ than great! But not all websites are perfect. You may need to click on the red button which will show you exactly what you need to fix.


Screenshot of improvements needed provided by


You’ll need some tools to fix some of the issues whether they are on page, off page, or technical seo.


Free DIY SEO Tools

You'll also need some tools. Below are some free search engine optimization tools:


On Page Tools

Answer The Public

People have questions and you can provide answers for your users. Answer the public provides answers in a highly original way.


Google Trends

See what’s hot and trending and also compare between terms.



Extremely useful tool. Generate ideas from your domain name or keyword(s). Difficulty score, search volume, cost per click, keyword ideas and so much more.


Image Compressor

Search engines love fast loading websites. Here’s a handy tool to compress those large images.


LSI graph

Best friends always stick together and so do keywords. LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) refers to keywords that are commonly found together.


Technical Tools

Find Broken Links, Redirects &
Site Crawl Tool

Check to see if you have broken links on your website.



Google loves fast websites. This tool offered by pingdom helps analyze page load, DNS, and other connectivity issues.



Check for duplicate content and broken links.



Off Page Tools

Email Research Tool

Relationship driven link building is essential to great Search Engine Optimization.


Social Mention 

Download top keywords. Analyze top keywords, top users, top hashtags, and sentiment.



Google Analytics 

A must have. Get in-depth knowledge of who is visiting your website and where they’re coming from.


Mobile Friendly Test

Google indexes mobile first. Check to see if your website is mobile friendly.






Create stunning infographics, Facebook covers, posters, Instagram posts, and more.



Share your ideas with fun and engaging infographics.


Local SEO 

Moz Local

Check your local score with one of the most respected brand names in SEO to see if you're visible in your city.



Social Media


Have that perfect Instagram picture but need some #hashtag suggestions? Get instant suggestions with Ritetag.



Find influencers on Twitter.



Easily manage and schedule your social media posts all from one place. A must have.


Meme Generator

Generate memes easily with this meme generator tool.



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