What Is A Brand

What Is A Brand

Any business has a brand, whether they know it or not. The most critical question is whether it is a good brand. And to what extent it contributes to the strategy of your business.

Branding has become a trending topic although we can say that it’s a bit misunderstood. You are a brand and if you do not manage it properly someone else will own your brand.


What is a brand?


It is worth saying that a brand is not a logo, a brand is not the packaging, and it’s not an advertising campaign. But rather: A brand is what others think you are. A grounded perception about how they see you, what feelings were evoked inside them and what they say about you. In your business, nothing is more important than than this, because it is precisely what defines you and encapsulates your very essence.


Brands are then in the hands of people, including your customers, company staff and anyone else who comes in contact with them. How you interact with people creates an image of who you are, what you stand for, and how you behave. A brand is the perception that people build from and the impact that you generate. Therefore, it must be a priority to build it, protect it, create interesting expectations and, above all, satisfy them.


What is branding?

This is the very essence of branding: create hope through expectation and culminate it with relevant brand experiences that, at a minimum, satisfy those promises by generating close links with the brand itself. A company’s goal is to generate positive opinions and that is achieved with positive actions. Perception then becomes branding and is responsible for achieving the necessary emotional connection with brands. The reason is quite simple: many of our purchasing decisions have powerful emotional connections.


Everything must be connected towards awakening the positive emotions of the client.

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