Create a WordPress Website

Create a WordPress Website: from A To Z


Although WordPress is free, creating and managing a WordPress website is no longer the case. There are a lot of additional costs associated with running and creating a website.


Of course, you can argue that you can make a blog on and just start writing. Yes, this method is completely free but has several disadvantages.

You have to decide whether it really pays to have the site for free.

It’s hard to create a brand on a subdomain, and if you’re planning on doing business on the web, it may be that you save your initial costs, but it might bite you back in the end. 

As you can see, it’s much better to start creating your own WordPress site.

Here’s the list of things you’ll need:

  • Domain name  (necessary)
  • Hosting (necessary)
  • Premium template  (appropriate but not necessary)
  • Tailor-made customization fees  (appropriate but not necessary)
  • Content  (required)

One of the things you’ll need to think about is a domain name. The domain name is the URL of your site. Still, if you want to create an online iPhone accessory store, you also need to think about it thoroughly. The name should be short and if you want to involve both SEO and keywords, then thematic.


10 Tips for Creating a Good Domain Name

  1. Create “best” keywords. Ex.
  2. Make a unique domain.
  3. .com is great.
  4. Make sure it’s easy to write.
  5. Make sure it’s memorable.
  6. Try to figure out the shortest domain name.
  7. Avoid copyright infringement
  8. Keep it short (one word preferably).
  9. Avoid dashes and numbers
  10. Target your area


How much does it cost to register a Domain Name?

Brand new domains will cost you around $10-15 a year (depending on registrar). If you have a fancy domain name, it’s time to choose the right hosting.

Every website should be accessible on the internet and should be stored somewhere. This “storage service” is provided by hosting companies.


Choosing the right hosting is tough. You need to consider the size of the site, its expected traffic, etc. For example, if you choose poor hosting, you may experience a drop in website traffic and the visitors won’t be able to access your site.

Personally, I have a great experience with GoDaddy, where you will get great quality hosting with everything (including automatic backups). If you are looking for a cheaper option, you can try BlueHost, for example.

How much does hosting cost?

The hosting price for starting sites should be around $10 a month.



Premium Themes

If you have a selected domain and hosting, it’s time to choose the look. You can use templates for WordPress. You can either buy or download for free.

Premium template price

If you’re just starting out you might be price sensitive. However, it is also good to focus on appearance or functionality. The average cost of the template is around $50.

Price for editing a template

Rarely purchased or downloaded templates will suit you. For this reason, you need to hire a WordPress specialist to help you customize the template.



Cost for editing?

Usually, these templates are billed at an hourly rate. The hourly rate of the programmer can range $50 an hour on up. Always ask for a price and if you do not know, consult with someone who understands it.



Content is King! Content is one of the most important elements of the page. It’s also a basic thing for search engines to know what the content is like.

Google, Bing, and other search engines should bring you the greatest percentage of visitors.  Of course, the better the position in the search engine, the more visitors. For this reason, you should invest in quality content. 


  • The content should have an informative value.
  • Content should not have spelling mistakes.
  • The content should be legible and understandable.


How much does content cost?

The price of content has varying price ranges. Quality content from an agency can cost anywhere between $2000 to $5000. While content from a freelancer, for example, can cost around $50 a blog.

A good copywriter should ask your target audience before writing, and also check the writer’s portfolio.


Overall Total 

  • Domain name:  $50
  • Annual hosting: $50 (estimated amount)
  • Template:  $50
  • Content: $75  (estimated amount)
  • Sum: $225

To run a WordPress page, you’ll need at least $225 to do so. However, additional costs may still arise.


What kind of site are you going to build? 


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